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COBISS3/Loan (unverified)


The manual includes all updates from the first printed version of the manual published in February 1999 onwards. Its content corresponds with the COBISS3, V6.8-00 software, and is also valid for all future software versions until it is either withdrawn, or another electronic version is published.

© IZUM, content last updated: September 2016, Eng. Transl.: November 2016

Complete manual[10,1 MB]

Updates lists

Parts of the manual:

Title page[135 KB]CONTENTS[121 KB]PREFACE[112 KB]ABOUT THE MANUAL[101 KB]1 INTRODUCTION[155 KB]2 SETTING UP PARAMETERS[97 KB]2.1 Time parameters[137 KB]2.2 Calendar[97 KB]2.3 Loan type (pq table)[257 KB]2.4 Electronic notification[172 KB]2.5 Contact details and information for COBISS/OPAC[102 KB]2.6 Restrictions on operations[161 KB]3 MEMBERS[95 KB]3.1 Registering a new member[446 KB]3.2 Editing data[81 KB]3.3 Deleting member details[150 KB]3.4 Printing a label for the membership card[143 KB]3.5 Changing the membership card number[82 KB]3.6 Finding a member[95 KB]3.7 Changing the class or grade[215 KB]3.8 Batch deletion of inactive members[252 KB]3.9 Reference students database[243 KB]3.10 Entering a visit[102 KB]4 HOME LIBRARY MATERIAL[91 KB]4.1 Selecting a member[101 KB]4.2 Home library material editor[254 KB]4.3 Outside loan[263 KB]4.4 Reading room loan[162 KB]4.5 Returning material[207 KB]4.6 Loan renewal[161 KB]4.7 Changing the due date[140 KB]4.8 Entering notes on material[87 KB]4.9 Printing lending forms[390 KB]4.10 Displaying a record in the COMARC format[75 KB]4.11 Viewing the library material status[95 KB]4.12 Catalogue[180 KB]4.13 Reserving material[239 KB]4.14 Routing lists for serials[243 KB]4.15 Entering the loss of material[161 KB]4.16 Keeping records on the loan of sets[215 KB]4.17 Loan in mobile library[375 KB]Monitoring and processing reservations of available material[767 KB]5 COUNTERS[129 KB]6 SETTING UP THE DATE OF PROCEDURES[124 KB]7 CASH REGISTER OPERATIONS[87 KB]7.1 Managing price list[294 KB]7.2 Editing debts[281 KB]7.3 Settling debts and printing invoices[196 KB]7.4 Overview of debts[154 KB]7.5 Deleting debts[88 KB]7.6 Cancelling debt settlement[89 KB]7.7 Repayment (credit note)[150 KB]7.8 Closing out cash register and printing list of invoices[84 KB]7.9 Overview of cash register transactions[96 KB]7.10 Fiscal verification of invoices[282 KB]7.11 Displaying data on issued invoices[110 KB]8 OVERDUE NOTICES[87 KB]8.1 Creating overdue notices[122 KB]8.2 Printing overdue notices[155 KB]8.3 Cancelling creation of overdue notices[144 KB]8.4 Deleting individual overdue notice[92 KB]8.5 Creating overdue notice forms[346 KB]9 CONNECTION TO OTHER SOFTWARE MODULES AND THE LOCAL DATABASE[87 KB]9.1 COBISS3/Holdings[74 KB]9.2 COBISS3/Interlibrary loan[124 KB]9.3 COBISS3/Reports[103 KB]9.4 COBISS3/Application administration[120 KB]9.5 Local database[127 KB]9.6 COBISS/OPAC[90 KB]Appendix A - REPORTS[101 KB]A.1 Creating and printing reports[112 KB]A.2 Groups and report descriptions[283 KB]Appendix B - LOAN STATISTICS[102 KB]B.1 Creating and printing statistical reports[81 KB]B.2 Descriptions of statistical reports[392 KB]Publisher data[76 KB]


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